Massage Therapy

Lalonde Chiropractic recommends massage therapy to help our patients relieve muscle pain, stiffness and tension. Massage can reduce acute pain and inflammation to help tissues heal faster while helping to control chronic pain which helps overall physical function. Most patients move better, sleep better and generally feel better with massage therapy.

There are three main massage techniques:

Swedish Massage which is a gentle kneading of tissue to relieve stress and enhance blood flow.

Therapeutic Massage which is deep pressure to release muscle tension and improve flexibility.

Deep Tissue Massage which is deep and precise pressure of muscles to release trigger point build up.

We work with two massage therapists out of our office that are skilled in all of these techniques and can customize a massage to fit your needs. We encourage you to call them directly for an appointment as relaxed muscles may help towards a more successful adjustment.

Mackenzie Purcell - 419-303-9794

Diane Grimm - 248-756-5137


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